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The truly fair play-and-earn game on WAX

  • No fee to start play and earn. Free-to-play enter

  • No need to wait for a launch. The game is ready

  • No limits to play. PC and mobile devices adapted browser game

  • Enjoy the game and use an option to earn from it at the same time

Earn GEMs
by taking on fun quests

If you're a casual gamer, a fan of our game or a KOL/influencer, you can earn points with this program and change it to in-game rewards*:

* you can use it immediately for your progress or sell on the marketplace.

Land of Clans in-game wallet

The smart strategy you’ll enjoy playing

Land of Clans is a fantasy world, where everyone can become a great landlord.

You could choose your game strategy – either farming and producing the new game assets for trade and exchange, or expanding your lands and conquesting new territories and their treasures.

Each land allows you to mine gold and food, build your civilization and make wealth. But the power of the game is competition.

Players unite into clans and contend for the winner’s title and reward. To take part in the tournaments one should have the true prosperous land. Only top players could get into the top league and make a big score. The epic competition has started!

Cooperation makes you stronger

Cooperation boosts your progress, so you should choose and join a clan to succeed or make your own clan. Any clan could set its own demands and limits for membership, and have a private chat so you could agree about the general strategy.

Land of Clans clan castle upgrade

Land of Clans forge building upgrade
Land of Clans in-game resources

Real player-driven game tokenomics

  • No NFT-drops from the developers. All the assets are minted in game by players and could be trade at AtomicHub

  • No in-game currency on DEX and no risk of its dump and collapse

  • No whitelists or preferences for any group of players

  • Proof-of-game only matters


From the clans to the shared government of the game

Land of Cland roadmap
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